The 12 Best Safety Schools In California To Get Into (2023)

If you’re currently considering going to any of the safety schools in California, you must take your GPA very seriously.

Best universities in germany

Best universities in germany

Your GPA, SAT or ACT scores should be above the average student’s because that is what it is about, a safety school is a school that almost guarantees your admission.

There are many safe schools in California that you can get admitted to and this article is compiled to help you so can decide which school is best for you, your needs, and your loved ones.

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What is a Safety School in California?

A safety school is a college or universitythat you have a strong chance of getting into!

It was reserved for colleges that had been previously rejected but were still seen as sufficiently good alternatives to one’s first-choice school.

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How do you know if a college is a safety?

A student can judge whether a school is a safe school for them by comparing their grades and test scores to the school’s admissions statistics for the average first-year student.

If a prospective student’s academic credentials are well above this range, then they can consider the school a safe school

Important parameters to check include;

  • The School’s Acceptance Rate
  • The Median SAT/ACT Scores
  • The School’s Individual Statistics

What are the Safety Schools In California To Get Into?

Here are some of the top safety schools in California you can select from;

  • Marymount California University
  • Stanbridge University – Orange County
  • Gurnick Academy – San Mateo Campus
  • The Master’s University
  • WCUI School of Medical Imaging
  • The University of California, Riverside
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Occidental College
  • San Diego State University
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Unitek College – Fremont
  • Mount Saint Mary’s University – Los Angeles

Marymount California University

Marymount California University is the first on our list of the top safety schools in California, it is a private university in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Marymount California University offers a great safety school option in California.

Students here benefit from several extra-curricular programs that keep them engaged both inside and outside of class.

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Stanbridge University – Orange County

According to our findings, Stanbridge University is one of the top safety universities in California.

It has an acceptance rate of 35% and requires a 3.15 GPA. There are no ACT or SAT requirements for admission to Stanbridge University.

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This means you can use either or both to get into school, your best option will depend on your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competition.

Pre-enroll in Stanbridge University in Los Angeles and Riverside to be prepared for a career in health care.

Gurnick Academy – San Mateo Campus

It’s no secret that there are a lot of safety schools in San Mateo, CA—but Gurnick Academy – San Mateo Campus stands out as one of the best.

This institution offers:

  • Medical Assisting
  • Vocational Nursing
  • Ultrasound Technology
  • MRI
  • Physical Therapist Assistant, and other programs

The school features integrated technology that isn’t found on other campuses and specializes in training students for allied-health and nursing programs.

The Master’s University

Master’s University is a small, private school located in Santa Clara. It is also one of the best safety schools in California with an acceptance rate of around 67% and a GPA of 3.7.

Some of the programs offered here include;

  • Business administration and management
  • Theology/theological studies
  • Communication
  • Biology/biological sciences
  • Music
  • Kinesiology and exercise science
  • Marketing
  • Computer and information sciences

Master’s University has a good graduation rate of 60.4% and most students complete their Bachelor’s degree within four years (2-year degree options are also available).

WCUI School of Medical Imaging

The WCUI School of Medical Imaging is a for-profit private institution with an Associate’s degree program in imaging technology/technician.

As one of the top safety schools in California, WCUI School of Medical Imaging strives to be a fair and equitable environment that upholds lawful conduct and conduct policies.

WCUI School of Medical Imaging has an acceptance rate of 100%, as a small college with about 809 undergraduate students.

Our 100% acceptance rate for graduates translates to popular degrees like:

  • Cardiovascular Technicians
  • Sonographers, Ultrasound Technicians, and
  • Radiation Therapists.

WCUI alums who graduate, 76% of them will make an annual starting salary of $37,100.

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The University of California, Riverside

Riverside is a public research university located in California and part of the University of California system.

It is among the top research universities in America today and one of the best safety schools in California to get into.

UC Riverside has always been a destination for inventions, innovations, and entrepreneurship—and it’s also no surprise that it made our list of best safety schools!

It is a member of the prestigious University of California system. There are two campuses– one that sits on 1,900 acres in a suburban district of Riverside and another on 20 acres in Palm Desert.

University of California, Irvine

The University of California in Irvine is still an excellent choice due to its diverse student body, beautiful location, and its welcoming atmosphere.

The University of California, Irvine has an acceptance rate of 30% and a graduation rate of about 85%.

All of these make UC Irvine one of the best safety schools in California.

Occidental College

This Los Angeles-based liberal arts college is considered one of the top safety colleges in California.

It was founded in 1887 and has an acceptance rate of 41% with an 84% graduation rate.

Some of the programs offered here include;

  • Econometrics and quantitative economics
  • International relations and affairs
  • Biology/biological sciences
  • Political science and government
  • Psychology
  • Film/cinema/video studies

If you’re looking for safe schools in California but don’t want to lose out on excellent academics and extracurricular opportunities, choose Occidental College as your safety school!

San Diego State University

The San Diego State University is a public research university founded in 1897 with over 35,000 students.

On average, it takes most graduating students around 4 years to complete their degree at SDSU.

Some of the programs offered here include;

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  • Business administration and management
  • Psychology
  • Criminal justice/safety studies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Biology/biological sciences
  • Economics
  • Registered nursing/registered nurse
  • Art/art studies

Prospective students will need to submit an application along with high school transcripts, ACT/SAT scores and letters of recommendation from teachers or guidance counselors.

University of California, Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz is an incomparable institution; combining the intimacy of a small, liberal arts college with the breadth and magnitude of a major research university.

Students applying to UCSC need to either submit an application through the holistic admissions process or through the competitive admissions process.

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Unitek College – Fremont

The Unitek College located in Fremont is one of the best safety colleges in California. This institution offers health-allied programs.

The is provision for online studies in programs such as;

  • Nursing
  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assisting

Unitek combines both academic and technical specialties to create a truly exceptional set of programs in the areas of healthcare and nursing.

Some of the reasons most students choose the Unitek College is because you can complete your education in less time.

Mount Saint Mary’s University – Los Angeles

Mount Saint Marys University is a Catholic school focused on a values-based education with a primary focus on the arts.

The greater population here is women, nearly ninety percent of the student body is female.

Mount Saint Mary’s University is one of the top safety schools in California and is part of the State University System.

And for this reason, there are ample financial aid resources for students enrolled there.


There are many safety schools and colleges in California, this article was crafted to help you select the top ones.

The link to each school is found below, if you have any suggestions on this post, kindly contact us.

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